Jumbo Kingdom

Tuesday, 27th September 2005 by

Docked in the middle of Aberdeen Harbour in Hong Kong, in the style of a sumptuous Chinese palace, is the gigantic floating restaurant . However, I read that Jumbo Kingdom no longer actually floats, and is now supported by concrete. Can anyone verify this?

There’s a free ferry which takes you中国福利彩票线上购买 out there, and you中国福利彩票线上购买 can see some of them docked by the side of the restaurant itself (see this photo for comparison).


Some people claim that this is the world’s largest floating restaurant, but the makes no such claim, which makes me wonder… What is the world’s largest floating restaurant? And (more importantly) is it in hi-res? 😉

Many thanks to Leonard Wan for being the only person to submit this!